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8th Edition EuroSciCon Conference on

Clinical Pharmacy

Theme: Discovering ways in advancing Pharmacy practice in Global Health care system

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Paris, France

Program Abstract Registration Awards 2020

18 years of lifescience communication


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Clinical Pharmacy 2019


It’s time to take care of you. So, on behalf of Euroscicon we are glad and privileged to invite you to join the 8th Edition EuroSciCon Conference on Clinical Pharmacy which is going to be held in Paris, France on April 18-19, 2019.

The theme of the conference is aiming to promote quality research and real-world impact in an atmosphere of true international cooperation between scientists by bringing together again the world class researchers, International Communities and Industrial heads to discuss the latest developments and innovations in the fields of Medicinal Chemistry and Clinical Pharmacy.

During this conference will have the opportunity to interact with more than 50 world-renowned speakers in the field of Clinical Pharmacy, sharing their expertise and experiences.

Paris is an exceptional location for the conference. It is the largest  and the most populous city of France.

Women Health 2019 will provide a wonderful forum for you to refresh your knowledge base and explore the innovations in women’s health care and breast cancer. The Conference will strive to offer plenty of networking opportunities, providing you with the opportunity to meet and interact with the leading scientists and researchers, friends and colleagues as well as sponsors and exhibitors.

Clinical Pharmacy 2019 Exhibition will provide valuable opportunity to retailers and manufacturers within the industry in Middle-East to share their products and technologies with worldwide manufactures and industry specialists.

We hope your experience in 8th Edition EuroSciCon Conference on Clinical Pharmacy will be outstanding. Our expectations that each candidate will return home and carry the valuable knowledge he acquired in these two days into a new successful practice for many years to come!


With best wishes,

Organizing Committee

Clinical Pharmacy 2019


About Conference


Clinical Pharmacy   invites all the participants around the world to attend the conference April 18-19, 2019 Paris, France. The theme of the conference is Advancing Healthcare through Novel Practices in Patient care

Clinical Pharmacy is a Branch of science and practice of rational medication use.Clinical drug store is a wellbeing science teach in which drug specialists give quiet care that enhances medicine treatment and advances wellbeing, and sickness anticipation. The act of Clinical drug store grasps the theory of pharmaceutical care, mixing a minding introduction with specific remedial learning, knowledge, and judgment to guarantee ideal patient results. As a teach, Clinical drug store likewise has a commitment to add to the age of new learning that advances wellbeing and personal satisfaction.

Why to Attend?

Clinical Pharmacy 2019 Conference is a multidisciplinary program with boundless cooperation with individuals from around the world concentrated on finding out about clinical research and its advances. This stage is your best chance to achieve the biggest get-together of members from Clinical Pharmacist people group that is from the scholarly community, clinical specialists, medicinal gatherings, related affiliations, social orders and furthermore from government offices, drug specialist and therapeutic gadget ventures.

Clinical Pharmacy 2019 will talk about different orders associated with the clinical research; it will edify clinical scientists about advancement, activity, look into processing and news coverage of clinical practices. It advances better comprehension by the overall population about the significance of drug store in counteractive action, examination and use of malady. This gathering conduct introductions, convey data, meet with current and anticipated researchers and get thankfulness at this 2-days occasion. World famous speakers and the latest procedures and improvements, the advanced updates in Clinical Research are indications of this meeting.

Who should attend and Who You’ll Meet

  • Directors/Senior Directors/Executive Directors and Vice Presidents/Senior Vice Presidents/Executive Vice Presidents and Heads/Leaders.
  • Clinical Pharmacist
  • Pharma/Biotech and Medical Device Industries
  • Hospitals/Clinical Associations
  • Pharmaceuticals Experts

Medical Directors, Principal Investigators, Methodologists, and other clinical research professionals along with Academicians: University Faculties like Directors, Senior Professors/Assistant Professors/ Associate Professor, Research Scholars, scientists who are related to clinical and pharmaceutical research.

About Paris, France

Paris, France's capital is a noteworthy European city and a worldwide community for craftsmanship, style, gastronomy and society. Its nineteenth century cityscape is jumbled by wide lanes and the River Seine.  The city is known for its cafe culture and designer boutiques along the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Paris is the city of love, inspiration, art and fashion. It has a population of more than 2million people and is divided into 20 districts. Paris has a lot of interesting architecture and museums to offer; among them the famous tourist place to visit is the Eiffel Tower.  A significant number of the acclaimed roads and city building areas structures where changed by Haussmann and Napoleon III (Charles Louis Napoleon Bonaparte). The lanes where made much wider, places and squares where fabricated and the structures totally modified. Paris has a nickname called “La Ville-Lumiere”. The famous places to visit in Paris are Notre Dame Cathedral which is Roman Catholic Cathedral situated in the eastern half of the city, Louvre Museum which is located at the heart of Paris , Champs Elysees which is an Arc of Triumph, Montmartre which is a hill located at the north of Paris and its height is 130 metre, it is best known White Domed Basilica of the sacred heart at the top, Quartier Latin which is called the famous private garden located on the left bank of the seine around the Sorbonne, Disneyland Paris which is located 32 km from central Paris , it has two theme parks –Disneyland and Walt Disney studios.



Session 1: Adverse Drug Reaction and Drug Interaction

We characterize an antagonistic medication response as "an obviously destructive or unpalatable response, coming about because of a mediation identified with the utilization of a therapeutic item, which predicts peril from future organization and warrants avoidance or particular treatment, or adjustment of the measurements regimen, or withdrawal of the item." A drug interaction is a reaction between two (or more) drugs or between a drug and a food or beverage. Taking a drug while having certain medical conditions can also cause a drug interaction


Session 2: Clinical Trials

A clinical Trial is an exploration program directed with patients to assess another therapeutic treatment, medication, or gadget. The reason for clinical preliminaries is to discover as good as ever strategies for treating, forestalling, screening for, and diagnosing diverse sicknesses. Clinical Trails may likewise look at existing intercessions, test better approaches to utilize or join existing mediations or see how individuals react to different components that may influence their wellbeing, (for example, dietary changes)


Session 3: Evidence Based Medicine

Evidence based medicine (EBM) is an explicit, conscientious, judicious and reasonable use of modern, best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients. EBM integrates patient values and clinical experience with the best research information available. EBM is a movement which targets on increasing the use of high quality clinical research in clinical decision making. EBM requires new skills of the clinician, including efficient literature-searching, and the use of formal rules of evidence in evaluation of the clinical literature


Session 4: Herbal Medicines

The utilization of plants for recuperating purposes originates before written history and structures the cause of a lot of present day prescription. Numerous customary medications begin from plant sources: a century prior, the vast majority of the couple of viable medications were plant-based. Precedents incorporate headache medicine (from willow bark), digoxin (from foxglove), quinine (from cinchona bark), and morphine (from the opium poppy). The improvement of medications from plants proceeds, with medication organizations occupied with vast scale pharmacologic screening of herbs


Session 5: Clinical Pharmacokinetics

Pharmacokinetics is right now characterized as the investigation of the time course of medication retention, dispersion, digestion, furthermore, discharge. Clinical pharmacokinetics is the utilization of pharmacokinetic standards to the safe furthermore, compelling restorative administration of medications in a singular patient


Session 6: Clinical Pharmacology

Clinical pharmacology is the art of medications and their clinical utilize. It is supported by the essential study of pharmacology, with an additional emphasis on the use of pharmacological standards and quantitative techniques in reality. It has a wide extension, from the revelation of new target particles to the impacts of medication use in entire population


Session 7: Pharmacoeconomics

Pharmacoeconomics alludes to the logical control that looks at the estimation of one pharmaceutical medication or medication treatment to another. It is a sub-order of wellbeing financial matters. A pharmacoeconomic think about assesses the cost (communicated in money related terms) and impacts (communicated as far as financial esteem, viability or upgraded personal satisfaction) of a pharmaceutical item. Pharmacoeconomic thinks about serve to manage ideal social insurance asset distribution, in an institutionalized and experimentally grounded way


Session 8: Rational Drug Use

The discerning utilization of medications necessitates that patients get drugs fitting to their clinical needs, in needs, in dosages that meet their very own person necessities for a satisfactory timeframe, and at the  also, at the most minimal expense to them and their locale network. The feasibility, legitimacy, and cooperation at prosperity organizations depend to a tremendous degree on patients having the ability to get relevant meds at the lucky time. A better than average end isn't tremendously used if the patient can't get the crucial treatment.


Session 9: Pharmacognosy and Photochemistry

The investigation of medications from plants incorporates the subjects of natural science, science and pharmacology. Pharmacognosy as "the investigation of the physical, compound, biochemical and organic properties of medications, tranquilize substances or potential medications or medication substances of normal beginning and also the look for new medications from common sources"


Session 10: Pharmacoepidemology

Pharmacoepidemiology acquires from both pharmacology and the study of disease transmission. Accordingly, pharmacoepidemiology is the extension between both pharmacology and the study of disease transmission. Pharmacology is the investigation of the impact of medications and clinical pharmacology is the investigation of impact of medications on clinical people.


Session 11: Hospital Pharmacy

Hospital pharmacies are those Pharmacies which can be found inside the premises of a healing facility. In Hospital drug stores for the most part stock a bigger scope of prescriptions, including more specialized& investigational meds, which would be practical in the network setting. Healing facility drug stores commonly give meds to hospitalized patients just and are not retail foundations. The acts of drug store which react to the requirements of the general population who utilize the drug specialists' administrations to give ideal, proof based consideration. It is extremely basic that there is a built up national structure of value gauges and rules with the end goal to help this training


Session 12: Controlled Drugs

A controlled substance is by and large a medication or synthetic whose fabricate, ownership, or utilize is managed by an administration, for example, unlawfully utilized medications or physician recommended meds that are assigned by law. A few settlements, prominently the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, the Convention on Psychotropic Substances, and the United Nations Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances give globally tons of controlled substances, which have been consolidated into national laws.


Session 13: Medication

A Medication (additionally alluded to as medication, pharmaceutical medication, or just medication) is a medication used to analyze, fix, treat, or counteract ailment. Medication treatment (pharmacotherapy) is a critical piece of the medicinal field and depends on the art of pharmacology for consistent progression and on drug store for proper administration


Session 14: Pharmaceutical Cares

Pharmaceutical consideration is the immediate or roundabout mindful arrangement of medication treatment to achieve the disposal or decrease of a patient's indications; capturing or abating of a sickness procedure; or keeping an ailment. A definitive objective of pharmaceutical consideration (enhance medications utilize and enhancing wellbeing results) exists in all training settings and in all societies where drugs are utilized


Session 15: Clinical Pharmacy and Medicinal Chemistry

Medicinal Chemistry is the science discipline worried about the plan, advancement and union of pharmaceutical medications. The order joins aptitude from science and pharmacology to distinguish, create and orchestrate substance operators that have a remedial utilize and to assess the properties of existing medications










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